How To Get your Website on Google With Few Easy Steps?

How To Get your Website on Google

Google is not just a search engine but serves as the largest search market for an infinite number of users. It is also a trust-worthy place to rely for information.

Creating a website of your own and getting it on the Google is very important because it invites many visitors based on the SEO’s you use. When you learn to play by Google’s rules you can find the name of your business on top of SERP.

So if you are still wondering how to get your website on Google or how to get your Google search website stop sweating it out as we have listed some easy steps that will help you getting your website on Google. Let’s start.

How to Get your Website on Google

Submitting the site to Google:

Once you understand about SEO optimization, you get to know the importance of your presence on Google. So, the first important thing is to submit your website to Google and your sitemap to Google search console just after creating it. Most often, many sites like Wix will automatically submit your website within a few seconds.

Trail of Link:

You should make sure whether your website appears as and when the user searches something. This will allow the user to directly click on your website if it appears as the topmost result. Don’t forget to post your site’s URL in all your social media profiles so that people following you in social media can visit your website.

Use Perfect Keywords:

If you are wondering ‘how to get website on Google search engine’ then the right use of keywords can do the magic. Most often, people try typing long-tail keywords and it is a little bit tough to get the match with your site’s keywords. But, if at all any user found some match, you are lucky enough to gain a visitor. For example, if your website is about books, then optimize the keywords like ‘book lovers’, ‘books’, etc so that anyone typing the word ‘book’ will get to see your site. 

Keyword to get your website

Catchy meta tags:

When you type something on Google, some sites provide a brief explanation about what lies in that site. This will help the user to consume time. If the meta tags to your site are attractive, then there are high chances of the users to enter your website after reading the meta tags. 

Use Meta Tag

Accessible Through Mobile:

Many users have started using mobiles and tablets for surfing more than laptops and PC’s. So, make sure that your site can also be accessible through all the variable mobile phones so that it covers a wide user base. 

A Benefit for Local Sites:

An area known as local SEO is very helpful for local business owners. Many people search for their suitable business in Google before hitting the market. So, these local SEO sites will display all the listed businesses available in the local map.


Thus if are wondering how to get your website on Google easily then follow the above write up to get an idea.


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