Latest SEO Trends of 2023

We know what magic search engine optimization (SEO) could do on websites. However, when it comes to Google, it changes its algorithm more than any other type of change in the world. Google focuses on improving the user experience as best as it can. Almost every address on the world wide web is optimized such that it brings organic traffic to them. Since these SEO techniques also need to keep up to date with search engine algorithms, let us look at a few prospects of the latest SEO trends of 2021.

It is true that content needs to be modified with links, keywords, and such. However, we are moving toward a stage where graphical, question-solution, as well as FAQs content, are getting highly popular. The search engines focus on what is on demand by the user.

Here Is A List of the 10 Latest SEO Trends of 2021:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will take a lead in SEO.
  2. Mobile SEO stands first.
  3. Expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (EAT) recognition.
  4. Lengthy content for better user experience
  5. Enhance local SEO.
  6. Voice Search optimization is a must.
  7. Start to work on video marketing strategies.
  8. Blog for Social media.
  9. Structure your data.
  10. Focus on user intent.

Now that we have our best SEO practices listed down, it is time to discuss the top 10 SEO trends of 2021.

Latest SEO trends: SEO Best Practices

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Take a Lead in SEO

AI is at the top of almost every blog you would read on search engine trends 2021. The reason is such because AI is improving through the generation. We expect a lot more in the future by using machine learning.

The question is ‘What is AI in SEO?’ Or ‘How to use AI for SEO?’

We all know how important keywords are for best SEO practices. With the help of the AI RankBrain algorithm, keyword research features could sharply improve. It also includes accuracy of the search, page speed or performance, reader intent, efficiency, analyzing competition, recording CTRs.

Take an example of BERT SEO launched by Google. It was especially published to resolve search queries instead of looking for web sites.

2. Mobile SEO Stands First

Mobile-first indexing is given a superior approach level by search engines as the majority of internet users browse using their mobile phones. Cell Phones being portable and lighter than desktop is easier to access almost everywhere. 

All of these issues lead search engines to move toward a mobile friendly approach. It is important that web pages improve their mobile versioned SEO to rank better on smartphone browsing more than desktop.

3. Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (EAT) Recognition

Many say that search engines cannot record EAT. They believe that one cannot prove the most genuine relevance in the online world. It is right that Google cannot directly authenticate each and every piece of information present in its index. However, with continuous gain the algorithm, Google has its own ways to recognize EAT. There are a lot of options to be used by Google indirectly and signaling them to the pages.

For example, EAT can be identified through the names of well-known people, brands, and public rated posts.

Fake information and rumors spread like fire, which is why Google is still working on how to advance their expertise, authority, and trustworthiness in the internet society to provide the user with valid information.

4. Lengthy Content for Better User Experience

According to a few assessments, marketing experts have observed that lengthier content gain better traffic, backlinks, and shares than shorter articles. When the writer keeps the audience engaged, the session time increases. This can be achieved by partitioning the content under various sub-headings for clarity. 

Longer content gives more valuable information than average ones (800-1000 words). It is so because in such content you do not have to stuff keywords awkwardly everywhere. Though longer content is nowhere related to SEO as it depends on the writer’s style and topic, it does affect SEO in other ways when it comes to grasping the readers’ minds.

5. Enhance Local SEO

We all know that local SEO is more about setting up real life traffic than virtual blog readers. If you own a business, the blog traffic does matter a lot, but what matters more is having them in your stores. In keyword research for restaurants or other shops, the most searches are for objects as ‘café near me’, ‘malls near me’ and so on. This means more and more people are searching for local businesses online to fulfill their requirements. 

Google is happy to welcome the local businesses connected to it. This is why local SEO is so important for you to convert the leads into customers.

6. Voice Search Optimization Is a Must

There is a lot of difference in the way we speak and write. With Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, Alexa, and there are also inbuilt browser voice search available. As a matter of fact, that people are using voice search is slowly evolving. Therefore, it is high time we optimize our webpages for voice search

Apart from being reading friendly, you need to focus on what people will speak when they search for their requirements. The keywords have to be wordier than ever. Start with interrogative words in the way they are spoken.

7. Start to Work on Video Marketing Strategies

The demand for video content is increasing day by day. Videos are engaging, amusing, and witty which is why they perform far better than video content. 

DIY videos, recipes, and even advertisement ones give an amazing output when made in the right way. Google includes content with images and videos in their rich index. Such graphical notations are desirable. It will be quite sad if you miss these opportunities to do things right.

You can shorten long videos and put their clips in your blog or put the screenshots of the important procedures as well. 

8. Blog for Social Media

Why do you need to write for social media? Influencers on such platforms have gained popularity for their niches. It is time for your brand to step up the game in social media and start bringing traffic from socials to your site. The number of users of Facebook, Instagram, and other sites is rising every year. 

Social media attracts an audience like anything. Use it to your benefit and make your posts viral by being authentic and relevant. This is an upcoming SEO trend because social media is also enhancing their websites for businesses by incorporating business profiles, ads, insights, and so much more to help flourish all kinds of brands.

9. Structure Your Data

Structured data has been in trend since long before. Google is improving these snippets and question-answer sections even better. Nowadays, if you ask a question, you will see an extract from an article or video as the solution. To be more accurate, Google is working on improving these facilities.

To optimize structured data trends, it is crucial that you put FAQs or include a Q&A forum in your articles. Also, start writing your headings with ‘how’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’, and ‘what’. Incorporate definitions, lists, FAQs, and such layouts to get noticed that can attract new traffic to your page.

10. Focus on User Intent

What is user intent? It is what the user is looking for obviously. However, these days we need solutions that are time saving while reading as well as working on them. It is similar to structured data except that they are not snippets. Suppose you ask for a definition, Google will show you a definition extracted from a post to answer the question. 

Another basis of improving intent on search engines is whether you are an e-commerce or a blog. How could you be sure that your traffic are buyers in majority rather than readers? It all depends on the users’ intentions. To drive quality visitors, you need more research on your target audience.

Conclusion on Latest SEO Trends of 2021

There are more than 20 SEO trends in 2021. However, these are the top 10 latest SEO trends of 2021 you could work to optimize your website on. With quality content, you can achieve a lot. The key is to remain updated with Google and other search engines’ algorithms. Once your site reaches these parameters, you could achieve the goal of being in the category of the latest SEO trends of 2021.

Sushma M.
Sushma M.
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