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Benefits of Having Smart Plugs in Your Home

Smart homes are one the major technological advancements of our era. They have made our lives easier and more convenient. They have taken over many monotonous tasks in our lives that require human assistance. Smart plugs are one of such devices that that help in our day to day tasks once connected to your socket and appliances. Smart plugs have a lot of benefits.

Festivities are easier to celebrate

If you are fond of having people over for parties and like to decorate your home with lights during festivities then you may not want to get into the hassle of taking care of turning them on and off during the festivity. Smart plugs are controlled via the app on your phone. You can control your smart plugs and set a schedule and they will turn on and off at the assigned time. It is most often that you want your lights to be on during the evening and earl night hours. However, as soon as it is midnight and you decide to go to bed the last thing you want to do is get out of bed and turn the lights off. With smart plugs you can do that with the comfort of your bed and a tap on your phone. It is also a good idea if you are a forgetful person because you may forget to turn them on. In that case, the notifications on your phone will remind you. You can also try putting the lights in one plug board and connecting it to the smart plug and schedule them to light up at the right time.

Energy Savings

Energy consumption is a major element of your home. Most appliances consume a lot of energy and you may not know of them. You may have also realized this but you may not be sure as to how you could manage your appliances in a way that they could save energy. The electricity consumption of a device can be monitored by using a smart plug. This may seem like a hassle and you may think you need one for all devices, however you can have one smart plug that can check the energy consumption of one device at a time. This way you will record the energy consumption of the device and manage it accordingly. You can also look for replacement of the devices that are costing you most to save you costs. If you keep your smart plug attached to the device you can also switch it off so it does not use any power during the standby mode when it is not being used.

Better Atmosphere and Ambience

After a long day at work we often crave to go back home to an ideal temperature of our house. In the morning often when we are unable to get out of bed as the temperature is too cozy for us to leave the bed we wish that the air conditioner or heater could turn off on its own so we could get out of bed and not get late for work. The hassle of having the perfect ambience and environment in the house before the guests arrive is also a lot. Sometimes you also want to treat your parents when they return home after a bad day however you can’t be at home because of work. Well, the solution to the problem is installing a smart plug that you could switch on and off remotely at your convenience and according to your needs. According to the seasons in your area you can schedule your fans, air conditioners, and heaters to turn on and off even when you are not at home. This means you can enjoy an ideal temperature in your home before going to work while waking up and after coming back home. You can host guests and have a comfortable environment for them and you can treat your parents sometimes while they wait for you to come back home from work.

Keep Your Home Secure

We often create an atmosphere in our homes that someone is present when we go for a holiday by turning on lights or keeping the fans open. The smart plug makes it easier to do this as you can set it up with a lamp near the window.

This way you can now schedule timers and schedules for when you want the lamp to be switched on giving the impression that the residents are home. You so, you can travel without having unnecessary security thoughts in mind.

Good for Kids

Getting your children to stay home and do their homework can be a struggle sometimes. You may often get tired of making schedules for video games but you may still find your kids playing video games when it is time for homework. You can use smart plugs to create a schedule after they arrive from school. You can then set a healthy schedule by limiting TV and video games to replace them with healthier activities. You can turn off the power during bedtime, so that they get a healthy sleep schedule and not stare at screens before going to sleep. This simple device can help inculcate discipline and schedule in your kid’s routine.

Final Thoughts

Smart plugs have become quite popular in the recent years. This is because of the benefits they provide. However, it is also essential to take care of your smart devices and other appliances in your home as it takes a lot of effort and finances to have them in your home. You may want to ensure that your appliances are safe from electrical surge for which you can install electric surge protectors, and have Electric Surge Ability plans and warranty.

Sushma M.
Sushma M.
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