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10 Best Alternative Wordle for Kids in 2022

Wordle for kids is amazing, right? The word game Wordle has been ingrained in the adult culture and is now compared to a habit that one unintentionally adopts. Is there a Wordle app for kids where they can play and study at the same time?

Since Josh Wardle, a Welsh software programmer, launched the daily word-guessing game ‘Wordle’ for his partner in October 2021, people around the world have been springing out of bed to play it. Wordle was sold to The New York Times for a tidy sum in January 2022, after its popularity progressively grew to the point where it became too huge for Wardle to maintain. Thankfully, despite the relocation, it has remained accessible to all users at no cost.

The rapid success of Wordle has spawned a variety of spin-offs, many of which are suitable for families and children, depending on the child’s age, spelling skill, and knowledge of the subject.

Benefits of Playing Wordle Games

Benefits of Playing Wordle Games

Daily guessing games like Wordle, are fantastic since they are quick and simple, and you can only play one every day (unless, of course, you wish to play every daily guessing game there is!).

Daily word guessing games can teach players new terms (before playing Wordle, I had never heard of the word “tacit”! ), spark debate about distant locales, or both. Investigate, check-up, research, and learn something new from the answers you find each day while playing to continue learning after the game is over.

If your family and friends are located abroad, you may still discuss your results and find out who was the most cunning to answer the daily puzzle because players from all over the world will be playing the same daily game with you (time zone dependent).

The entire family including your kids can enjoy the alternate daily guessing games we’ve provided below. Although parental discretion is urged, the majority of these games would be appropriate for young children and teenagers in elementary school. Why not turn it into a family affair and pair up the kids with other family members so that everyone can participate?

10 Alternate of Wordle for Kids

Your child may benefit greatly from playing with any of these top 10 alternatives of Wordle for kids. Let’s check them out.

1. Spellie


Each day, Spellie provides three unique words with various levels of difficulty. This can be helpful, just like wordle for kids. As easy as just four letters, the first of which the player is already familiar with. The medium difficulty has five letters without knowing the first one. Six-letter words called “hard” can sometimes be found without the first letter. When kids successfully guess a word, they are rewarded with an emoji. They can view all of the cool ones they’ve accumulated by visiting the collection tab.

Play Spellie here for free!

2. Wordle for Kids

Wordle for Kids

Compared to the original Wordle, Wordle for Kids is the most faithful. The key difference is that once kids accomplish the word puzzle, the game doesn’t end there. Information such as winning streaks, winning percentages, and total games played are recorded in the player’s profile.

3. Wordle Jr.

Wordle Jr.

In comparison to many of the others on this list, this Wordle for kids is easier to use. Simply said, the term is a 4-letter one rather than a 5-letter one, and you are given seven guesses. Also allowed are two hints. A new word is added every day. Playing this first game with young kids who are just learning to spell is a great idea.

4. Kindle


Then there is Kindle, which is a terrific game similar to Wordle for kids. In addition to a free Kindle app for iOS and Android, there is also a browser-based game. Users can choose from 3- and 4-letter words, with a maximum number of guesses ranging from 4 to 8. Free play is permitted.

5. ESL Wordle

ESL Wordle
Source: ESL Wordle

An excellent feature of ESL Wordle is that you can specify the word category you’d like your 5-letter word to come from. Animals, countries, prepositions, the human body, nutrition, physical activity, fashion, and irrational verbs are just some of the options available to the players. Incorrect letters will be highlighted yellow, correct ones will be highlighted green, and those that aren’t even in the word will be highlighted black (just like Wordle). Have a go at playing Wordle for kids right now!

6. Wizarding Wordle

Wizarding Wordle

Wizarding Wordle’s daily five-letter word will be fun to guess for fans of wizards, Harry Potter, and Fantastic Beasts. You will have an advantage over the other players in finding out the mystery word in six or less guesses if you have read the books or watched the movies. Try this game wordle for kids now!

7. Foodle

Foodle, a game like wordle for kids

The next game on the list is Foodle, a game like a wordle for kids. One of the first things you learn as you enter your world of speech and understanding is the names of food items. In that regard, Foodle might be the ideal platform for your child to demonstrate their understanding of foods with five letters.

Despite the possibility that a grade schooler might not recognize or even think of the surprise word right away, it is still a safe and toxic-free platform where you can leave your child each day to have fun.

Play Foodle here for free!

8. Wordle Play

Wordle Play

This is the wordle kiddie version for children from virtually anywhere in the world. With 18 different built-in dictionaries, Wordle for Kids is a nearly self-sufficient Wordle version that caters to the word game interests of a thriving global community of young players.

9. Flagle

Flagle game like wordle for kids

When we talk about educational opportunities, do you think it’s cool to know about different countries’ flags? If you agree, then don’t miss out on the chance to teach your child what they need to know without breaking a sweat about it.

In the daily guessing game known as Flaggle, players are given a random flag from any country and given six chances to correctly identify it. This can serve as a suitable alternative to Wordle for kids.

Play Flagle here for free!

10. Star Wordle

Star Wordle

This is for the most dedicated Star Wars aficionados. All words must relate to the Star Wars franchise and fan culture, and players must pick the proper term within six guesses. When you correctly (or incorrectly) guess the term, clicking on it will take you to Wookieepedia to learn more about it. Try this wordle for kids right now!

Play Star Wordle here for free!

What are the Tips for Playing Daily Wordle Games

1.    Set a daily deadline for completing the game.

2.    Gather groups and/or friends to discuss the results and how well or poorly you performed.

3.    With more and more spin-off games being released every week, it’s easy to become overwhelmed; stick to a select few.

4.    Do not post your completed puzzle online or share your answers with others.

Wrapping Up

This article focused entirely on the top alternatives of Wordle for kids. In the comments area below, let us know which one you like most and why. Continue distributing this post to your other gamers about the top alternatives of Wordle for kids. Best of luck in your games!

Frequently Asked Questions | Alternative Wordle for Kids

1. How Does Foodle Compare To Wordle For Kids?

This delectable Wordle edition has terms that are related to food. Unlike some of the other games on this list, there is just one Foodle every day, so kids grow to enjoy it and check in frequently.

2. How Does Spellie Compare to Wordle For Kids?

Easy just has four letters, the first of which the player is already familiar with. The medium difficulty has five letters without knowing the first one. Six-letter words called “hard” can sometimes be found without the first letter. When kids successfully guess a word, they are rewarded with an emoji. They can view all of the cool ones they’ve accumulated by visiting the collection tab.

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