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PEMF Therapy For Injury Recovery

A person engaged in one form of physical activity or another will most likely suffer one or several forms of injuries at some point in life. These injuries have ways of partially or permanently damaging the human body and, in the process, cause pain that might be mild or severe. Every injured person wants to get rid of pains in the body. Some known methods can help alleviate the pains from injury. However, the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy stands out as a tested modern technology that will help you get over injury and live life to the fullest.

Types of Injury

Injury is damage caused by an external force. There are different classifications of injury. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) developed the International Classification of External Causes of Injury (ICECI). The system classifies injuries as thus:

●    Mechanism of Injury

●    Objects/substance producing injury

●    Place of occurrence

●    Activity when injured

●    The role of the human intent

Based on this, injuries can be classified into primary, secondary, direct, indirect and chronic injuries. Common types of injuries one can experience are bruises, burns, animal bites, dislocations, fractures, electrical injuries, sprain, and strain.

While there are numerous causes of injuries, it will, in one way or the other, affect the tissues or cells in the body.  And once this happens, PEMF therapy can be used for recovery.

What happens when there is an injury?

The Cell is the smallest unit of life. Cells in the human body exist in their trillions, create energy, and are self-replicating. While cells are capable of functioning on their own, they connect to create tissues which in turn form an organ which makes an organism what it is and functions appropriately. These tissues in the body are affected whenever there is an injury.

Whether at home or work, a person can sustain injury. When this happens, it is possible to feel discomfort such as Contusion, Sprain, Tendonitis, Strain, etc.

If pains and inflammations are not appropriately treated, they can lead to chronic pains, which will affect the soft tissues and even make them prone to further complications and injuries.

How Does PEMF Help With Injury Recovery?

PEMF Injury

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy was first used in the 1950s. This therapy harnesses electrical power, current, and magnetism to treat and heal cells with a low current in the body.

This therapy works on the premise of the human cells working at a specific charge. So, literally when there are pains, inflammation, or dysfunctional cells, what happens is that there is a drop-in charge of the cells. While there are other ways to increase the charge of your cells, sometimes these activities might be difficult to carry out. When this happens, PEMF can help heal and recover from injuries.

PEMF therapy is a form of therapy that uses an electric-powered device capable of delivering powerful and safe energy into the body. This gives cells the jumpstart and ability they need to regain their former level of charge. This procedure allows for the cells to repair and heal properly.

This charging of cells in the body affects the under-charged cells in the body. The fully functional cells in the body do not draw energy being supplied by the PEMF device. The machine supplies only safe and gentle energy into the body, which will not override the fully functional cells. Once there is an interaction of the body cells with the PEMF device, the energy sent to the body forces toxins out and draws the energy in. The PEMF treatments can be adjusted based on the treatment needed from severe to mild. Also, special areas of the body affected can be targeted with the use of its accessories.

Benefits of PEMF Therapy

PEMF therapy is a comfortable procedure whereby the machine does most of the work. Most of the patients have different opinions of the aftereffect of PEMF. But, overall, the PEMF therapy has been explained as having relaxing effects.

Also, the magnetic energy sent into the body by the PEMF device works directly with the natural magnetic field to improve healing. It improves electrolytes and ions. It influences cellular metabolism and helps to relieve chronic pain.

PEMF Therapy helps to realign electricity in the cells, thereby improving signals of the human body to the brain. This improved functioning of the cells can help suspend the need for surgery and bring about full recovery to an injured patient.


The body needs a good supply of energy to work best. When there is an injury to the body, there is a need for treatment to ensure that the energy is fully replaced. PEMF therapy rebalances the cell makeup in the cells and thereby reduces or eliminates pain in the targeted area. PEMF therapy makes for a fast, safe, and efficient treatment for different kinds of injuries.

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