7 Benefits of AI in Education

While education has shifted towards the concept of online learning throughout, AI is playing an excellent role in it. We have listed the 7 benefits of AI in Education in the article so you can check the pros and cons of why you should definitely sign up with this growing method of learning.

AI in Education

AI in Education

When AI is combined with machine learning, new methods of teaching and studying are falling in place that is error free, faster, and smoother than the classroom concept. Artificial Intelligence in education has helped schools and other educational institutes to optimize their tasks. Learning and teaching have become so much more manageable without losing focus on the learning part. Now, most of the manual tasks are easily handled by programs with much more efficient results.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Education

1. Personalized Approach to Learning for Each Student

Every student is different from the other. Personalization is the focus of AI in education. It helps to adapt to the student’s speed of learning, weaknesses, abilities, interests in specific courses, future goals and more. By keeping in a record of the previous performances of the students it helps to device best suited way of learning for them.

2. Flexible Learning Hours

AI is not limited to four walls. The AI tools make knowledge accessible to the students universally. Educational data can be accessed whenever and wherever. This makes it all a lot easier for the learners to not wait to get access to the educator for doubts and questions. Also, it has become easier to focus on learning any time of the day when the students feel the most productive.

3. Personalized Approach to Teaching for the Teachers

Just like how AI tools personalize specifications for students, the lecturers also have the same benefit in AI. Every student’s ability could be analysed through artificial intelligence. This way the teacher can make learning plans for every other student.

4. Automation of tasks

Too much time is spent on repetitive tasks, grading, planning assessments, admin work, etc. With the help of AI, task automation can be done to save time and labour. Now the educators find more time to come up with creatives ways of learning that can help students understand better.

5. Faster Q/A Sessions

It is not possible for the teachers to be available all the time for the students. The learners also might have to wait for a long time to get simple questions answered by the tutor. However, by the benefit of AI, the responses have become quicker. Usually, there are a lot of common questions asked in repetition by the students. Through AI the students can find the answers to these questions even when the tutor is not around. It saves time for both parties.

6. AI Tutoring

AI Tutoring

AI tutoring is like universal tutoring. The student has 24-hour access to the knowledge base even if the mentor is not present. It is designed to let the students learn at their own speed and understanding. Since it is online, the students get access to quality education without having to spend on travel and other expenses in the process of classroom teaching.

7. Education Access to Students with Disabilities

Students with learning disabilities can now find it easier to learn. Whether deaf, blind or with any other disabilities, there are AI tools created for their education. Now they can have access to high end learning without all the struggle they usually have to face in normal day to day life.

Conclusion: 7 Benefits of AI in Education

There are a lot more benefits of artificial intelligence in education for the pupils, educators, as well as the administration. However, you must also keep in mind the cost and internet availability of running this program smoothly.

Sushma M.
Sushma M.
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