5 Best Learning Apps for Toddlers

They say that early childhood education is crucial in a person’s life, and during this time, a child develops interests that will linger through his lifetime. Unfortunately, most of the parents get into the misinterpretation that toddler learning is only about teaching them basic skills. This is a myth as toddler learning not only includes teaching basic skills but also includes sharpening the child’s emotional and cognitive abilities. This learning helps them to master social skills that can help a child to grow into an intelligent adult in his life.

Thanks to technology, learning has become easier with different apps. While traditional learning techniques can be monotonous for children, these learning apps make learning fun with exciting animations and engaging methods. By using these apps, you can explore the power of the digital world and add an element of fun to your child’s learning. Are you a parent who is constantly worried about the learning of toddlers? Well, you have come to the right place as we have listed the best learning apps for toddlers.

learning apps for toddlers

Best apps for toddlers

Endless Alphabets:

This engaging app will help your child master endless alphabets interactively. By investing a small amount of 8.99 dollars, you can help your child master the tricky alphabets by dragging and dropping the scrambled letters to their correct places. This excellent app is available for Android and iPhone users, and the best part is that your child can learn alphabets while playing with cute monsters. There is no time limit or stressors for learning in this app, which makes this app a favourite choice of many parents worldwide.

Endless Numbers:

The same developer of the endless alphabet has developed an excellent educational app for toddlers. You can make your child learn numbers for free with the help of this app. By installing this app on your iPhone or Android, you can help your child recognize numbers and help them develop their numerical skills at a tender age. The interactive puzzles and open-ended play techniques of the app make learning fun for your kids.

educational app for toddlers

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox: 

Install this app on your smartphone and let Monkey Milo teach fun things to your child. After completion of each activity, your child will be blessed with a reward. 

ABC Mouse:

This is one of the best apps for toddlers, which use a subscription-based service to promote learning for your toddlers. This app has a virtual classroom, and your child can learn from different adventures. This app has a plethora of lessons to choose from which can help your child to learn reading, colouring or counting. The best part is adding your child’s age to this app to create a personalized learning experience. If you have many children, you can use this app to subscribe for a maximum of three children, and you will not need to pay the subscription fee again and again. As your child progresses through elementary grades, you can witness that the contents are getting tougher. This app rewards your kid with a fun reward which makes this app a fun choice for the kids. 

Busy Shapes 2:

This is one of the apps for toddlers which work in airplane mode. Here your child can learn about various shapes and sizes. The stunning visuals and calming background music will make learning fun for your kid.


Thus, by installing the best learning apps for toddlers, you can help your child have excellent cognitive abilities.

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Sushma M.
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