Best 10+ Roblox Books for Kids to Limit Screen Time

Millions of people use Roblox every day, making it one of the most popular sites on the Internet. This platform is taking the online world by storm since it enables users to make their own games and content. It’s not just the games on Roblox that are entertaining; there are also books based on the platform’s games and characters. Fans of Roblox’s virtual world like reading stories that include their favorite characters in thrilling adventures. These stories merge the worlds of gaming and storytelling to offer the best possible refuge from the mundane into the fantastic. With such a large selection of great books, picking a favorite can be difficult. This guide was made to assist you in selecting your favorite Roblox creatures within the year 2022’s best Roblox books for kids.

These beautiful, high-quality books cover every aspect of Roblox and are a need for players of any age. The publications of Roblox Books for kids listed in this article are both official and unofficial.

Is There a Secret to Roblox’s Book Success?

Many young people’s development has been greatly aided by online gaming platforms like Roblox. Younger gamers and teenagers particularly like the creative freedom afforded by these action-packed games. While kids enjoy the thrill of video gaming, their parents haven’t always been fans of their habits. But eliminating the fun isn’t the point, and Roblox books are a good replacement.

Children can enjoy the same source of entertainment, albeit in a different media, by reading books based on their favorite video game characters. Comparable to reading the Avengers comics and then watching the movie.

Find the Perfect Roblox Book for You!

If you want your child to have a positive time reading, be sure to pick up a suitable book from the Roblox library. Take into account the following things when making a Roblox book purchase:

How old is the average reader?

Most books have an age recommendation, or “age rating,” that specifies who would enjoy the book the most. If parents want their kids to read and get anything out of the books they buy for them, they need to make sure the books are right for them. Both the book itself and its summary will provide an appropriate age range.

How to Choose the Format of a Book?

Books about Roblox characters and guides to playing the game are available in a variety of forms, from paperback to hardback to Kindle. Hardcovers are preferable for younger children since they can endure more handling. Paperbacks, however, have the advantages of being both inexpensive and convenient. While Kindle editions are lightweight and easy to carry around, they can be hard on the eyes.

How to Choose Book Genre?

While it’s fun to buy highly rated books and claim that TikTok influenced your purchase decision, that doesn’t mean you’ll love reading the book any more than if you’d picked it out on your own. It’s crucial that the reader select books that suit their interests. Roblox books for kids come in a wide variety, from how-to manuals to fiction series to activity books.

Let Me Explain Why Getting Books About Roblox for Your Kids Is a Smart Move

Reading is a healthy habit that many parents hope their children will develop. However, kids today spend too much time in front of screens, which can be harmful to their development and health. The books published for Roblox can help parents limit their children’s screen usage and instill positive behaviors. There is a happy medium here for parents and kids to enjoy gaming thanks to these publications.

Some justifications for giving your kids Roblox books are as follows:

Offer a break from reality through fiction

Even if reading nonfiction is crucial for success in many professions, kids also need time to escape to their own personal palace of fantasy every once in a while. Children enjoy reading about the exploits of their favorite video game characters. They can see themselves going on exciting adventures with the protagonists as they face perilous quests.

Create a reading routine

The rise of electronic devices has left many children with few interests outside of video gaming. Parents can encourage their children to read by providing them with engaging contents, like Roblox books, that will catch their interest.

The 2022 Top Roblox Books for Kids

1. Roblox: Where’s the Noob?

Roblox Where's the Noob

Participate in a hide-and-seek mission starring some of Roblox’s most well-known avatars.

Accompany renowned Roblox avatars as they explore Roblox’s many exciting worlds in search of the mischievous Classic Noob.

Over a hundred beautifully rendered game worlds await discovery, from the bustling metropolis of Theme Park Tycoon 2 to the huge realm of Hide & Seek Extreme.

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2. Roblox Character Encyclopedia

Roblox Character Encyclopedia

Learn everything there is to know about the people who live in the Roblox universe, from famous developers and game characters to YouTube stars and prominent employees.

There are more than 100 unique characters in this official Roblox Character Encyclopedia. The official biographies, favorite games, and avatar items of each Roblox personality are all listed on their respective character pages, making it easy for fans to dress like their favorite stars.

3. Diary of a Roblox Noob: The Complete Series

Diary of a Roblox Noob The Complete Series

In addition to the original four Robloxia Kidseries stories, this collection also features three more tales. Some examples of popular series are Piggy, Bee Swarm Simulator, Mad City, and Ro Ghoul.

Experience the thrill of watching Noob avoid inventive traps in Piggy’s spooky home, stumble through a treasure hunt in the tropical forest, and even trade characters with Deadpool. Reading is second nature when you’re completely immersed in Roblox.

4. Diary of a Noob for Roblox

Diary of a Noob for Roblox

Roblox fans may get their hands on a boxed set of five books called The Diary of a Noob for Roblox. Independent author Lillian Davis penned this book, therefore it is not endorsed or associated with Roblox in any way. These paperbacks are packaged in an illustrated, sturdy cardboard box to keep them together and secure. The books are all written in English and are appropriate for readers aged seven and up.

Kids who enjoy reading will enjoy this series set in the world of Roblox, which spans over 500 pages. The series’ success can be attributed to the dynamic plotline and witty writing style. A Kindle version of the book exists, as well. We highly recommend this product because of its affordable pricing and fascinating backstory.

5. The Ultimate Roblox Handbook – Most Informative

The Ultimate Roblox Handbook

An unauthorized guide to Roblox, The Ultimate Roblox Handbook is available for your perusal. This book was penned by Kevin Pettman, a self-published author. The book is written in simple English, making it accessible to readers as young as eight. With only 64 pages, this guide packs a lot of useful information into a compact package.

Newcomers to Roblox will soon be playing at a professional level with the guidance of this guide. This guide can help even the most inexperienced Roblox player improve their game to the next level.

6. Roblox Top Adventure Games

Roblox Top Adventure Games

More than forty Roblox games are discussed in the book The Roblox Top Adventure Games. Readers of this guide will be able to learn more about some of Roblox’s most well-liked adventure games. There are a lot of helpful hints in here for getting better at a variety of games.

Even though it’s written in perfectly understandable English for readers of any age, the recommended audience age is 8-12 years. It’s just right for kids in third to sixth grades. This book packs a lot of information for newcomers into its 96 pages, covering a wide range of topics. As if that weren’t enough, it also has various bright photographs to liven things up.

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7. Robloxia Kid Diary of a Roblox Noob: Boxed Set 1 – 5 Video Game Adventure Stories

Robloxia Kid Diary of a Roblox Noob

Does the Roblox game seem to be the topic of conversation 24/7 at your house? Does your kid ask for Roblox gifts every year? Books set in the Roblox universe provide an additional way for youngsters to stay immersed in the game without needing access to a keyboard or controller.

This omnibus of 5 stories costs less than buying them singly, plus it contains 482 pages to keep even the most ravenous reader occupied.

Robloxia Kid books are surefire page-turners for any pre-teen because of their fast-paced stories and funny humor. Don’t waste time searching in vain for fascinating books for boys and girls of ten (or any child reading chapter or middle-grade books!) instead give them a series they won’t be able to put down. a wonderful addition to children’s activity books for ages 9 to 12!

8. Diary of a Roblox Noob: Work at a Pizza Place Paperback

Diary of a Roblox Noob

After completing a challenging quest in Dungeon Quest, Noob and Decks are sure that they will be able to simply hop off the time-traveling platform and back into their regular lives. A stark, clean, and oddly tranquil metropolis greets the two travelers instead of the flawed but familiar Mad City. The only thing more shocking than discovering a weird new server is being greeted by a big talking pizza. Pizza Man seems nice enough, but he can’t keep Noob and Decks around to help cook pizzas. The only way for them to return to Mad City is to aid the villainous KingPat in his diabolical plot. He claims that if they comply with his conditions, they would be able to escape the odd pizza delivery guy. If they don’t, KingPat will send them to a life of servitude in aprons, under the supervision of a pizza.

9. Diary of a Roblox Noob: Granny

Diary of a Roblox Noob: Granny

Join Noob as he embarks on a strange and dangerous new adventure to escape Granny’s House.

Set in the horrific Roblox “horror game” Granny, Granny is a nail-biting experience. Although Noob is a hero, Granny’s house is full with traps. Is that sufficient to escape a booby trap? Finally, how about lava?

The future doesn’t look bright for Noob when he’s pulled into the weirdest Roblox game ever. Noob and his friends need to get out of Granny’s terrifying house before she brings them all down.

Granny is perfect for kids who like scary tales, and Roblox books are great for parents who wish to foster a love of reading in their offspring.

10. The Ultimate Roblox Book: An Unofficial Guide

The Ultimate Roblox Book: An Unofficial Guide

An unofficial guide, The Ultimate Roblox Book provides a comprehensive look into Roblox. This manual will show you how to construct and modify your own gaming worlds. The guide’s simple, English-language directions make it a breeze to follow along. Its easy style makes it ideal for readers aged 8 to 11.

This Roblox book features in-game screenshots to better explain the steps involved. The photographs add vibrancy and interest to the text, keeping the attention of young readers. Young readers can understand most of the text without any problems, but some of the more complex ideas may require explanation from an adult.

11. Diary of a Roblox Noob: Bee Swarm Simulator (Roblox Book)

Diary of a Roblox Noob: Bee Swarm Simulator

Noob is really unsatisfied with his latest hobby—beekeeping. And it doesn’t take long for him to get frustrated by his bad fortune and drive away his bumblebee Nate. But as Noob realizes his mistake, he sets off on an incredible adventure to win back Nate.

He’ll need help from his anxious bee, Kaz, Mario, a successful beekeeper, and another unknown ally. Do you think there’s a chance they’ll find a legendary item that will turn Noob’s fortunes around?

With the Robloxia Kid books, the massively popular Roblox video game serves as a gateway to the fundamental ability of reading.

12. Diary of a Roblox Noob: Christmas Special

Diary of a Roblox Noob: Christmas Special

Is some sort of ancient evil tormenting the residents of the Old Town? Looks like Noob and Decks have some work to do! Once a deadly assassin, Noob’s Decks is now a sluggish wreck.

Since their release from jail, he and Noob have had to keep a low profile and avoid KingPat at all costs. Decks had spent that time watching TV and eating junk food, and it showed.

To get it back, Major Creative comes up with a daring plan: he takes the men to an older version of Roblox and has them fight off a demon that has been terrorizing a small village. The demon also resides at the end of an underground dungeon that is home to numerous more horrific creatures… To save Decks and Noob, he must regain his confidence…


Roblox is a vast universe, and there are numerous books about it. We hope this list was helpful in locating a Roblox book that fully meets your expectations; there is a lot of wiggle room in all the available examples.

FAQ | Roblox Books For Kids

1. The age range for the intended audience of Roblox books is…?

The vast majority of Roblox books are recommended for readers aged seven and up. These books may be too advanced in subject matter for younger readers.

2. Are Roblox books exclusively for kids?

It’s a common misconception that kids are the only audience for Roblox books. All ages can enjoy these books. Some adults may be put off by the book’s simple language, but readers of all ages will love the stories.

3. As an adult, how do I go about selecting Roblox books?

You can check out the synopsis or blurb before buying the book if you’re an adult and a Roblox player. You’ll be able to determine whether or not the narrative is something you’d be interested in by reading the summary.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a commission that at no additional cost to you. Our reviews are not affected by participation in such programs.

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