What Does “IYKYK” Mean, and How Do You Use It?


From FOMO to OOTD, Gen Z’s jargon is as outlandish as its quips and jokes. Many unique things have begun with this age, but acronyms and slang are the most widespread of them all. The meaning of IYKYK will be revealed today as we discuss one of the most popular slang phrases now in use.

IYKYK is a Gen Z abbreviation used to communicate insider jokes on the internet that are not understood by everyone. The hashtag #IYKYK has become so popular on TikTok that it has received more than 3.5 billion views in the last few weeks. That should give you an excellent idea of how popular this acronym is right now.

IYKYK is an abbreviation for “if you know, you know.” a post or message will make sense to some individuals but will not make sense to others. The message will often elicit a specific memory from the recipient, which will make the message stand out to those who are “in the know.” It may be written in both upper and lower case letters, IYKYK and “iykyk,” respectively. IYKYK is often written as a hashtag in the caption of a picture or video, particularly on social media sites such as TikTok and Instagram, where it is popular.

What is the origin of the letters IYKYK?

“IYKYK,” in contrast to many of the Internet slang phrases that we explore on this site, is a relatively new creation. Although it was published on Urban Dictionary in December 2016, it was not until recently that it became widely known on social media. Early in that year, it began appearing in social media postings, and it went on to become a well-known acronym some years after that.

Pusha T’s 2018 song “If You Know You Know,” which features the acronym, was one of the factors that helped bring the abbreviation to the attention of mainstream audiences. Due to the tremendous growth of the TikTok hashtag, which allowed users to produce videos for particular audiences, IYKYK became even more popular in 2020.

To be “in the know,” you must first understand what it is that you need to “know.” It all depends on who is making the post. If the material is posted on a vast public platform such as TikTok or Twitter, it is likely attempting to appeal to a particular but broad audience.

How to make use of IYKYK

It is the same on every social networking site, including Snapchat and Instagram when you use the lingo IYKYK. Most of the time, IYKYK is used to refer to a television program, a meme, or a fan club. Also, you may use it to allude to a joke that would only be understood by your buddies.

If you decide to employ IYKYK, keep in mind that it should be with something that everyone is familiar with. It is a book that not many people have read, a remark that not everyone would comprehend, a reference that only your friends would understand: it is only in these types of circumstances that it is appropriate to use the caption IYKYK.

You may use the abbreviation IYKYK in your captions as-.

  • “This trip will be remembered #iykyk forever.
  • “When the finale is plain garbage #iykyk.”
  • “I’m never going on Tinder dates #iykyk again.” not
  • “When the rumors you hear come out to be true.”


Try searching for the hashtag #IYKYK on Instagram or Snapchat and you’ll likely find yourself grinning for more than an hour, if not longer than that. The IYKYK-related tweets and Instagram photos that we have collected are amusing enough to let you understand why everyone is so excited about IYKYK.


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