Friday, December 9, 2022
IPHONE 14 MAX, iPhone 14 series , , iPhone 14 Pro Max, Apple iPhone 14 Max's basic model

iPhone 14 Max: The Apple’s First Ever Large-Screen, Non-Pro iPhone

Apple is most likely to replace the iPhone 14 Mini with the iPhone 14 Max. What is currently known about the new participant is...
clear facebook cache, how to clear facebook cache on iphone, how to clear cache on facebook, clear cache on facebook, how to clear facebook cache, clear cache facebook app

Learn How To Clear Facebook Cache on iPhone and Android

Is Facebook on your iPhone hanging a lot these days? Is your iPhone out of storage? No worries. We will give you a solution...
Universal Control mac and iPad

What is Universal Control Mac and How to Use it?

You must have heard of the sidecar feature where an iPad works as the second screen for your mac. But this feature is a...
how to change time zone on iphone, latest time zone, how to change your location on iphone, how to change my iphone location, change time zone on iphone, change iphone time zone, set timezone on iphone, iphone time change

How to Change the Time Zone on iPhone Manually when you’re Traveling?

You are traveling to a different country. You got off the plane and you found that your time doesn't match with the one that's...
Best Mobile Phones Under 15,000 in India

Best Mobile Phones Under 15,000 in India

Under 15,000 is a crucial price point in India since it is accessible by most people. Over the years so many brands have come...
Turn on and off Sound Check on iPhone

4 easy steps to enable the Sound Check feature on iPhone

Introduction You are listening to music in between your study time. And suddenly after your soft song playlist ends, a rock song starts to play....
share location on iPhone with the Find My app

Learn How to Share Location on iPhone with the Find My app

Introduction You might want to know what your friend is doing- when they are going out when your friend is going to market or work...
how to hide messages on iPhone

Guide on How to Hide Messages on iPhone

Introduction Let us get a wider understanding of what we actually mean by spam messages. These are basically texts from unknown senders that cram up...
copy and paste on iPhone

A Complete Guide on How to Copy and Paste on iPhone

Introduction It is true that android and iPhone are very different in nature. We are talking about the technicalities of using an iPhone. The simple...
iphone-block text message

5 Easy Steps to Block Text Message Notifications from Unknown Senders on iPhone

You have been in this situation many times and you can not really deny it. A lot of unwanted messages kept on flowing in...

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