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The Reported Pricing of Google Pixel Watch Places it directly between the Galaxy Watch and the Apple Watch

This Year in October, the long-rumored Pixel Watch will finally become a reality. Google will undoubtedly introduce its first wearable product under its own brand. But everyone has been speculating about its potential price as well as the date of its introduction.

The Google Pixel 7 series and the Google Pixel Watch are expected to launch in October. It will most likely run Wear OS 3, making it Google’s most advanced smartwatch to date. Additionally, it will bring some fresh Android experiences to the wrist and use Fitbit’s fitness monitoring technology.

We may have some answers to these queries as a result of a leak from 9to5Google.

News about Google Pixel Watch

According to rumours, the LTE form of the Google Pixel Watch will only cost $399, making it less expensive than the Apple Watch 7.

The year’s first Google Pixel Watch competitor is now available. See how the Pixel Watch could compare by reading our hands-on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro reviews.

The Google Pixel 7 is anticipated to go on sale on October 13, which is also when the Pixel Watch might likely go on sale.

According to a recent claim, Google may be developing at least six Pixel Watch bands for the device’s debut.

Date of the Google Pixel Watch’s release

On October 13, Google is expected to introduce the Pixel 7 smartphone, and it’s also possible that the Pixel Watch may also go on sale at same time. The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are expected to arrive on sale on October 13, according to trusted leaker Jon Prosser, with pre-orders likely starting on October 6. These dates may also apply to the Google Pixel Watch as it will be released at the same time as the Pixel 7.

Given that Google has a history of conducting hardware launch events in October, we had speculated that the release would take place in that month. We’ll learn the precise release date for the Google Pixel Watch during this event.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group, a requirement for entering the market, was one of many regulatory barriers that the Pixel Watch recently overcame. This means that the smartwatch is almost ready for sale.

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Image Credit: Google

Design of Google’s Pixel Watch

Based on what Google has hinted, the Google Pixel Watch design still resembles rendered images. It features a spherical shape and what seems to be a digital crown on the right side, along with maybe some buttons. Although there is no indication of alternative colours or size possibilities, the colour displayed during I/O is silver. Perhaps Google will do the same as many smartwatches on the market come in two sizes.

As a result, it appears that the Pixel Watch will be a sleek, simple wristwatch that partly resembles the appearance of previous Pixel gadgets. While interchangeable bands would give users some personalisation.

Because the Pixel Watch and Apple Watch may share a manufacturer, there will likely be similarities between the two devices that weren’t previously anticipated. The Pixel Watch’s crown resembles the Apple Watch at the moment.

Google’s decision to release the Pixel Watch along with a variety of detachable bands may also be an attempt by Google to emulate Apple. There will be seven different strap options, including a silicone band, a mesh band in the Milanese style, a fabric band, two types of leather, a link bracelet, and a stretchy band that resembles Apple’s Solo Loop.

For the time being, the interior layout is unknown. According to leaked information from Yogesh Brar, the Pixel Watch will have the same sensors as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, which means it may contain the same “BioActive Sensor” that can monitor body fat percentage, heart rate, and ECG.

There may be even older technology within the Google Pixel Watch. The 10nm Exynos 9110 processor, which debuted on the first Samsung Galaxy Watch in 2018, is what 9to5Google has predicted the watch would feature. However, a recent tweet from Qualcomm raises the possibility that the Pixel Watch would use their speculated next-generation Snapdragon Wear 5100 CPUs.

Fitbit features on the Google Pixel Watch

The fact that the Google Pixel Watch will include Fitbit fitness monitoring is arguably what is most fascinating about it. When compared to the capabilities of the finest Fitbit devices, Google Fit has been a disappointing health app. The Pixel Watch will get Fitbit Premium capabilities, workout tracking, activity zone minutes, and other health-monitoring functions.

This will make the fall’s Google Pixel Watch vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 competition an intriguing one to watch.

Fitbit features on the Google Pixel Watch
Image Credit: Google

Technical specifications for the Google Pixel Watch

According to a source, the Pixel Watch would most likely resemble the Apple Watch because its respective manufacturers are said to be the same. According to reports, the Pixel Watch has a USB-C charger.

More information about the specifications of the Pixel Watch is provided in a recent article from 9to5Google. The performance should be sped up first thanks to a co-processor, which might be assisted by more than 1.5GB of RAM. Additionally, according to the same claim, the Pixel Watch would include 32GB of storage, which would be double that of the Galaxy Watch 4 and enable users to carry around more music.

According to a tip from 9to5Google, the Pixel Watch’s battery capacity will be little around 300 mAh. In comparison to the Apple Watch 7, it is above the 40mm Galaxy Watch 4, but below the 44mm variant. The watch’s battery may only survive for one day, according to some reports.

A USB-C charger for the Pixel Watch has reportedly been submitted by Google, although it may not support rapid charging. According to sources, the wearable will have the same 110 minute recharge time as the Galaxy Watch 4.

The Pixel Watch will apparently have a heart-rate sensor that enables SpO2 and ECG measurements, matching the health sensors featured on the Fitbit Luxe and Charge 5.

Price rumors for the Google Pixel Watch

An Apple Watch Series 7 without LTE connection would cost $399, which is noteworthy. That implies that the price of the Google Pixel Watch would be extremely competitive with the Apple Watch line. However, an LTE-enabled Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 with compatibility for Android smartphones and the same operating system as the Pixel Watch starts at $329. Given that both employ Google’s Watch OS platform, Samsung’s smartwatches are expected to be the Pixel Watch’s strongest competitors.

Last but not least, the 9to5Google report suggests that Google will probably introduce the Pixel Watch with the Pixel 7 series. Given how much awaited the Pixel Watch is, this suggests that the firm won’t likely introduce the devices at two different dates.

Although Google hasn’t yet made any official announcements, we anticipate that these new gadgets will be released in late September or early October. The Apple Watch Series 8 will be unveiled on September 7 during an official event, according to Apple.

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