How to Make a Unique Promo Video in 9 Steps

Promo Video

Whether you’re trying to grow your business or build an online following, a promo video can be a powerful tool to engage with people. With the right mix of images, colors and features, you’ll be able to create an emotional connection so that people want to follow you or buy from your brand. Check out Promo to see how an online video editor can help you achieve this when you edit videos for free.

Making a Promo Video with an Online Video Editor

When you make a video, you’ll first need to do some planning before you launch into video creation with your online video editor. You can also research what your potential competitors are doing so you know what to avoid and how to pitch your first video. Either way, here are the main steps to follow:

1- Know your Potential Viewers

Clearly, you need to understand your target audience. What are their habits and preferences? Knowing their demographics can help you determine what they like to buy and do for entertainment. That way, you can create videos with your online video editor that will actually appeal to them.

2- Determine the Goal for your Online Video

It might sound obvious but what do you actually want to get out of your online video? For example, is this an introductory campaign or are you specifically promoting a new product? Sometimes just sharing some stories from your happy customers is enough to get your brand noticed. Moreover, it’s very easy to do by selecting the appropriate templates and then customizing accordingly with your online video editor.

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3- Design your First Video

Now comes the creative part. A good approach for the perfect online video is to tell a story. For example, you could use your online video editor to share the story of how you came up with your brand or product. The more entertaining and fun you make it then the more likely viewers will watch your video clips to the end.

Nevertheless, other templates you might find useful in your video make are tutorial, testimonial or even behind-the-scenes. Again, you can customize these with your video editor tool to suit your brand and product.

4- Choose an Online Video Editor

Depending on how confident you feel about video editing, you might prefer one of the free video editors. Alternatively, you can also do video creation with more advanced software tools. Those will allow you to create videos from scratch and add some funky filming effects. Then again, the free video editor tools are also very high quality and you can be sure you’ll end up with professionally made video clips.

5- Review Templates

Of course you don’t actually have to use video templates and you can film your own content entirely. However, unless you’re planning a career in film making then it’s worth considering the templates. They provide you with a structure to build from as well as images with the right composition.

From there, it’s easy to download your own images or other media content. Yes, you can combine both the templates and your own video clips. Your video editing job is still easier and you’ll produce your media files more quickly.

6- Film Own Content

As mentioned, you’ll probably want to film some of your own content especially if you’re including customer testimonials or a how-to breakdown of your product. In that case, a useful tip is to film your video clips in daylight as this will hep reduce any shadows and contrast issues.

Furthermore, you should incorporate the Rule of Thirds. This means imagining a 9 box grid over your frames and then making sure your subject matters are either along the grid lines or at the intersecting points. This is a useful technique to create videos that are appealing to the eye.

7- Video Editing

Any online video editor tool gives you at least the basic crop and trim options. In addition, some might allow you to cut from scene to scene or even fade in and out. This is where choosing the right video editor software is key. So, make sure you’re comfortable with the interface and the range of features on offer.

8- Add Music and Features

Last but not least, music and features can be a great way to enhance your overall message and mood. Although, make sure that your online video works for both with and without sound because people often watch on mute, especially if they’re in a public place.

9- Download and Distribute

Clearly, you’ll now have to actually share your awesome video online and make sure that people view it. Social media is the obvious choice but depending on the demographics of your audience, you might prefer to focus on Facebook or one of the other channels. Then again, don’t forget to leverage your website and email contact list. After all, a captive audience can be amazing ambassadors for your brand.

Final Thoughts for Working with an Online Video Editor

When you make a video, your overall success will be greater if you’ve done a bit of planning. That way, you can meet your target audience’s preferences and needs. Once you know that, it’s easy to use a video maker and then customize any templates, download your video clips and images. Finally, use your online video editor to make everything just right.


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