Quora Marketing Strategy – How to Grow your Online Business with Quora

Quora Marketing

First start with what is quora and why should anyone use this & what is the quora marketing strategy? Still have a question!

Quora is nothing but it is a place where millions of people share their knowledge and queries. It’s a platform where user ask questions and connect with people who contribute their thoughts and share quality answers.

Quora Marketing Strategy

Start with your profile

While making Quora profile, it must be unique. Give your proper name and profile image.

Mention your details like about yourself, location, qualification, your interest, etc. You can also share your website URL on your profile.

Quora Profile
Source: https://www.quora.com/profile/Dzong-Holiday

Generate Traffic to your website

When you are writing any answer for a question, you can include a link to your particular source.

If anyone found the answer helpful and if they got interested they will click to that link.

Search for Right Topic

Always search for the right topic related to your niche or related to brand.

How you will find the topic, I will show you the process:

You can use the search bar and type your relevant keywords. Like you want to search about “travel”. Search with the keyword, then a drop down menu will come and it will show you the top matched.

Quora Topic Search

You can also find your relevant topic from “recommendations”.

Quora Recommendation

Use Quora Ad Platform

If you are willing to invest on ads and want a quick result, then Quora Ad Platform is a good option for you.

For that you need to set up your ad account, give business information, need to create ad campaigns, set up budget, create ad sets, search for a keyword.

Select Questions That are Relevant to Your Audience

This is very important to select your question. That question must be closely related to your interest and you should have an idea about that particular question.

So make sure whenever you are selecting a question, you should have proper command on that topic.

Write High Value Answers

Whenever you are going to write any answer, first draft it and the post the answer. You can also add some images if requires. Give a link or call-to-action to your website.


I hope, I have covered most of the things that can be useful for Quora Marketing.

You can also share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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