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Stackin App Review: How Good is It Actually?

Money is happiness. Happiness is money. People say money can’t buy happiness. But honestly, tell us one thing. Don’t you want to own that dream car or go for a vacation somewhere exotic with your loved one? Achieving all these are far less than possible unless you have one thing – money.

Money is the fuel to our existence. But how good are we at managing it thoughtfully? How many of us are using a financial wellness app for this purpose? Well, this brings us to our next topic –

What is Financial Wellness?

Wondering what is financial wellness? It can be defined as the state of being financially secure and taking control of your money. You can pay for your expenses, and debts, tackle sudden emergencies and make long-term financial goals, save for retirement for example, and ultimately lead a healthy financial life.

Financial wellness plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality of your life. Stress keeps piling on when you live paycheck to paycheck or spend more than what you earn. On the contrary, when you have healthy saving habits and stick to a budget, life after retirement becomes more comfortable and smoother.

But does everyone practice financial wellness?

As per the 2017 survey of CareerBuilder, 78% of workers in the U.S. live paycheck to paycheck to sustain themselves. Only two out of five U.S. adults claimed to have a monthly budget to track their spending. 23% of adults (18 to 29 years of age) in the U.S. have credit card debt that is due for over 90 days.

Whether it is clearing your loan or buying a house, achieving a state of financial wellness relieves you from financial stress and elevates your quality of life.

Now, how can you manage your money better on a day-to-day basis?

The answer is by using an effective and reliable financial wellness app called Stackin

Stackin – Review

When it comes to handling money, everyone has limited beliefs and behavior. Stackin is a new financial wellness app helping people improve their relationships with money. You can achieve your money goals by understanding your money beliefs and practicing healthier behaviors with Stackin.

The financial wellness app offers custom coaching and expert support to help you take control of your financing. The app provides an expert guide so you can enhance your relationship with money and lead the most fulfilled life.

With Stackin, younger consumers will have a simple and personalized way to reach their financial goals. From one’s phone, Stackin allows users to build healthy financial habits over time through a fun, entertaining and encouraging relationship.

The app provides subscribers with a personalized messaging platform that explains how to save money, reduce debt, and start investing. As part of the company’s marketplace, Stackin gives its customers access to pre-selected products, education, tips, and guidance.

You can start using Stackin in four easy steps.

  1. The app first understands your relationship with money. To help you prioritize what to work on, it learns your beliefs about money and where they come from.
  2. Using the app, you can define and set the goals that motivate you, and then take action to achieve them.
  3. A range of resources is provided in the app to assist users in developing a healthier relationship with money. To cultivate a positive money mindset, the reasons behind your money behavior are explored.
  4. Finally, the app provides the tools and ability you need to manage your money and make informed decisions.

Is Stackin as effective as any other financial apps like Mint and Clarity?

Yes. The effectiveness of Stackin is indeed praiseworthy. What differentiates Stackin from other financial wellness apps is that it doesn’t focus only on spending plans or just the “numbers” side of finance. As a result, the app introduces ways to help people feel and handle their money better by getting to the root of their spending behaviors. By combining behavioral science, psychology, and financial therapy, the creators of Stackin developed practices to improve people’s money habits forever. So, are you ready to grow your money with confidence? Get started with a 7-day free trial today!

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