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Top 8 Blockchain Software

Blockchain Software is a wide concept on information and databases. In this blog we will know about:

  • What is Blockchain?
  • Why are blockchain platforms important?
  • List of Blockchain Platforms

What is Blockchain?

What is Blockchain

Blockchain is a kind of database that stores information in an expansive range. It is a ledger for any business to keep track of information that can be accessed, modified, and filled up by multiple users using multiple devices. However, the sole ownership of the blockchain remains with the business that owns it. The company only has the power to monitor all the changes and processes going on within the blockchain. Every desktop has a separate copy of the blockchain. 

So, why is this record-keeping called ‘blockchain’? It is the storage structure that justifies the name. The records are kept in block structures that are networked with each other. Every block has a time tag about when it had been stored. 

Why are Blockchain Platforms Important?

When it comes to transactions, blockchains assist in verifying many transactions at the same time. Not only that, but blockchain platforms also help keep a trace of these transactions. Keeping the transaction secure, fast, and low cost is the aim of using blockchains

Here are some benefits of blockchains:

  • Blockchains are fixed public ledgers. Once transaction data is recorded, it cannot be changed further.
  • Blockchain platforms are safe and secure as they are all encrypted end-to-end.
  • The transactions are quick and updated on the ledger on its own.
  • Blockchain supports a decentralized system that prevents users from paying any transaction fee.
  • The transactions are verified and thus, validated by the parties involved in the activity. 

List of Blockchain Platforms


Solidity is the top blockchain software used. Back then it was programmed for EVMs (Ethereum Virtual machines). This language has been influenced by other popular languages like C++, JavaScript, and Python. Solidity blockchain software is best utilised in creating and managing smart contracts. This way a well-written record of transactions is maintained. 

Applications created using Solidity are mostly used for auctions, voting, crowdfunding, and multi-signature wallets.


Mist is another blockchain software developed by Ethereum developers as an Ethereum wallet.  

Mist is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux for token keeping as well as executing smart contracts. It has a one-time password set up with a blockchain size as big as 1TB which has to be completely downloaded for use.


blockchain software

Geth blockchain software has been developed using Go Programming language for Mac, Windows, and Linux. 

Geth is more like a hosting software for Ethereum Blockchain that includes transfers, mining tokens, creating contracts, and viewing the blockchain history. 

Blockchain Testnet

Blockchain Testnet is a blockchain development software. Using blockchain Testnet you can test the applications created before launching them to the users. 

In case of errors, bugs, or other technical issues, you are way ahead to know about them before they mess around with real ongoing transactions of the cryptocurrencies. It is not even manual, it is Testnet that does the examining every time an app is about to be taken live.


Ganache is an amazing blockchain software for creating your private blockchain to test applications for running commands and keeping blockchain operations on controls.


Solc is related to Solidity. It is a Solidity compiler that has been written in C++. It works well to convert the Solidity scripts for the EVMs into a more readable script. 


Remix has been programmed using JavaScript for creating and maintaining smart contracts. It has in-depth documentation for Solidity with a ready-to-use screen on its website. It can also connect to the Ethereum Blockchain through another Blockchain software called Metamask.

Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS)


Blockchain-as-a-Service provides cloud-based solutions to create custom blockchain software while allowing to host and use them. 

Summing Up Top 8 Blockchain Software 

You can try the latest Blockchain tools and software if you are crazy about blockchain and crypto transactions. As a Blockchain developer, you should go for our list of blockchain software while experimenting with the best.

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