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Cyber Security Tips that Act as Your Internet Protection Blanket

These days cyber security and online security have become a cause of concern for everyone. With the rapid usage of technology, cybercriminals can easily access our connected devices like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Cyber security is important as it protects all data from all types of cyber-attacks. In the absence of cyber security, your sensitive data gets accessible to cybercriminals.

Before we talk about online security and personal security, it is important to understand some definitions.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security can be defined as the process of protecting computer systems and network systems from all types of cyber-attacks and security threats. 

We have listed some cyber security tips required for your computer security and internet security in this write-up. If you follow the above tips, you can protect yourself from all kinds of cyber security threats.

Keep Software up to Date:

You must always keep your software up to date to protect your system from existing security vulnerabilities. Software updates happen for 3 reasons: adding a new feature, fixing known bugs, and upgrading security.

Think Twice Before Opening the Suspicious Emails in Your Inbox:

Opening suspicious emails can lead you to phishing scams. Nowadays, it has become easy for hackers to impersonate another individual or company. Many emails can contain attachments of links that can infect your devices; hence you must be very careful before opening any email. You can try hovering over the links to find out information about the source.

Keep your Hardware up to Date:

Old hardware is usually slower to respond and can make your computer vulnerable to security threats. Hence keeping your hardware up to date can be a good option to prevent security threats.

Utilize a Secure File Sharing Solution:

Encryption of files can prevent unauthorized access to your system and network. Hence you can consider using secure file sharing solutions to protect data thefts.

Install Antivirus and Anti-Malware:

Malware comes in the form of malicious software. It can damage the data of a computer system, and these codes are often installed without the user’s consent. You need to have good quality antivirus and anti-malware installed in your systems to protect your system from ransomware attacks. Anti-malware programs can detect all types of malware.

Use VPN:

Virtual Private Networks can help you encrypt the connection and protect your private data.

Don’t be Lazy with Passwords:

Don’t be in a hurry while creating passwords. Try to create passwords that are difficult to guess and ensure that your password contains a combination of different characters like symbols, upper case letters, and lower case letters.

Scan external storage devices- External storage devices are often prone to malware. Malware can spread easily through external devices; you must be very careful with external storage devices.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication:

2-factor authentications help protect sensitive data.

Click on Websites with HTTPS:

Before you feel tempted to hit on a URL, it may be prudent to double-check the URL and find out if the website s HTTP or HTTPS.

Store Sensitive Information:

Don’t store your sensitive information here and there and only store them in secure places.

Check adware in your machines:

Adware collects information about individuals to serve more targeted ads. If you want to maintain your privacy, then you must be careful about adware.

Turn Off Bluetooth When You don’t Need it:

Many of us do not pay attention while using our Bluetooth. WE should always be careful and turn off Bluetooth and hotspots when they are not in use. Hackers have found smart ways to track our devices via Bluetooth, and hence we must always be careful about the same. Devices can be tracked via blue tooth, and proper precautions must be followed for the same.


Follow the above cyber security tips and protect your system from malicious elements. You can protect your sensitive data, identity, and money by being careful.

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Sophia Martinez
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