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How to Use StoriesDown to Download Instagram Stories? And Alternatives

Do you want to view a story on Instagram or download it without a user knowing? Here we are going to write about how to use StoriesDown to download Instagram stories without having an account!

A few years back Instagram launched the feature of stories. This made the app more popular over time since people kept on scrolling or swiping through it addictively. What a user is doing is always reflected in one’s stories. In WhatsApp, stories exist in the form of Status. And on Facebook, stories exist as stories. Stories are mere updates of an account ad people usually reflect in it, on whatever they do all day or share any posts or videos they want to. You can say that they are mere updates on life and a person’s likes and dislikes.  

When Facebook became famous in the earlier age, it increased the toxicity level in the world of social media. Millennials and Gen-Z shifted to Instagram, due to increased level of cyberbullying and nuisance on Facebook. Latter it become the necessity to maintain an Instagram lifestyle. People felt FOMO on Instagram trends and its features.

In research it found that the social media platforms like Instagram cause anxiety, and depression in youth. A website like StoriesDown helps you view and download Instagram stories even without an account.

StoriesDown is best platform for Instagram stalkers. You can now view someone’s Instagram stories anonymously with the help of StoriesDown. Here I am going to write about how to use StoriesDown to download Instagram stories. So, let’s get started.

What is StoriesDown?

StoriesDown to Download Instagram Stories

An amazing gadget for the Instagram stalkers, StoriesDown is a website that allows you to view someone’s story without them knowing it, and download it in your gallery which is entirely free. StoriesDown launched in the year 2020 and has successfully gained traffic of 7.7million per month.

Now the question arises, who can use StoriesDown? Well, it is for everyone to download and view Instagram story.

You might also have in mind what kinds of stories can you download with StoriesDown? You can download both pictures and videos with the help of StoriesDown.

How effective is StoriesDown?

StoriesDown is a useful app to have in combination with Instagram. Instagram and our platform do not work with any third-party service providers. Before giving someone access to something, you should always consider the possible ramifications. StoriesDown is hazardous, but if the person you want to stalk is important enough to you, go for it.

If you don’t have Instagram, you may still use StoriesDown to see and download Instagram stories. Surprisingly, no intrusive pop-up ads were seen while browsing this site.

Highlighted Features on Storiesdown

  • StoriesDown is entirely free of cost for everyone.
  • You can use StoriesDown without having any account.
  • You can view and download an unlimited number of stories, pictures and videos.
  • The quality of the downloaded stories or pictures remains good.
  • You can search profile on Instagram within a minute.
  • Storiesdown is user-friendly and easy to find.
  • You can operate it on all devices and operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows.
Storiesdown Instagram username search bar
Download Instagram Stories with StoriesDown anonymously

How to Download Instagram Stories with StoriesDown?

Storiesdown, Simple steps to use StoriesDown to view and download your favourite Instagram stories

Simple steps to use StoriesDown to view and download your favorite Instagram stories.

  1. Visit the official website of StoriesDown.
  2. You will notice a search box, there you Enter Instagram username that you wish to follow.
  3. Then click on Search.
  4. You can now view their story and click Download button.

This way no one will know that you viewed their Instagram Story/ IG user profile. And the most amazing part is that you will still have a copy even if the account disappears.

What is the disadvantage of Storiesdown?

The tools which you are using hassle-free may have some disadvantages too. Here I am going to discuss some of the disadvantages of Instagram StoriesDown which every user should be aware.

1. It does not display the content of a private account, which is a major disadvantage of this tool.

2. Instagram can track IP address of the user, so, beware of that you may be caught and blocked if you frequently use this tool.

3. Instagram tries to secure users’ privacy, if you are using tool like Storiesdown then it can have serious penalties. The situation can worsen if you are caught using someone’s content or idea for your own advantage.

StoriesDown Pros

1. There are a number of benefits to using the StoriesDown app. Its user-friendliness and portability across platforms make it widely usable. Additionally, users can download video for use in their articles, including video and still images.

2. One of the features you will learn to appreciate is the opportunity to browse the stories of people you don’t want to know saw your status update while being anonymous to them.

3. You don’t even need to create an account to access the StoriesDown service; it’s completely free and available at all times.

An Overall Review of StoriesDown

The website of StoriesDown works on Instagram API. Even though the application of Instagram does not allow any third-party apps to make access it because of its harmful consequences, the website of StoriesDown is not harmful. People all over the world gained benefits from this anonymous Instagram Story downloader. And has reviewed it well, for the most part. 

As StoriesDown does not have any pop-up ads over it. You would not be stopped in the middle of the process of downloading and viewing stories with unnecessary ads you do not want to see. StoriesDown has its income source from Google AdSense.

Another cool thing is that the StoriesDown is absolutely 100% free and can be used to see and download stories and posts without paying any fee which makes it cool. Anybody from anywhere in the world who has access to an Internet Connection can use this website to anonymously view stories.

Use StoriesDown to Download Instagram Stories

Is StoriesDown anonymous?

One of the benefits of using StoriesDown is the fact that it is fully anonymous. This allows you to effortlessly browse the Instagram stories of others and even save them to your smartphone without them knowing. As well as being able to help you see other people’s Instagram stories, they can also assist you avoid having to create or register an account with yours.

Instagram Stories may be downloaded in great quality with the help of StoriesDown, and the best part is that it’s totally free! One exception is that StoriesDown only works with public Instagram accounts; if you want to read a story on a private account, you’ll need to directly request permission from the account’s owner.

Is StoriesDown safe to use?

Is StoriesDown safe to use

You should consider the app’s security measures before using StoriesDown. Instagram restricts the use of certain third-party applications on its platform. Instagram does not appreciate it when users download the Intagram stories of other users and save them locally.

This is why it’s important to be careful while downloading and using any third-party apps, and to only trust those that promise to protect your privacy. You should be alright utilizing these programs, but you should be aware that there is always some risk involved.

List of the Most Popular Instagram Story Viewers

Find the list of some most popular Instagram Story Viewers:

  1. Qoob Stories
  2. Cocospy
  3. mSpy
  4. Hoverwatch
  5. Glassagram
  6. eyeZy
  7. Instalkr
  8. SmiHub
  9. Ingramer
  10. InstaDP
  11. Stories IG
  13. Anonymous Instagram
  14. Instastories
  15. Anon IG Viewer
  16. Storistalker
  17. Dumpor

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Best StoriesDown Alternatives in 2022

A website that allows you to stalk without even having an account? No pop-up ads? No need to pay? It is obviously the best you can find in the market. It literally turns the table. However, we still are going to put down some alternatives for you in case the StoriesDown website does not work in your case. 

1. InstaDP:


If you want to view all the stories, posts, and even reels too, InstaDP is something that can help. It has an impressive interface and is extremely easy to use. From here, you can not just only view the stories, posts, and reels but also download them at the same time. The interface also has a User-Friendly UI.

2. Qoob stories:

Qoob stories

If you want to download a bulk of stories, Qoob stories are what you should go for. It is not a free application but it charges a minimal amount every month. This is for professional stalkers. For first-time users, Qoob stories provide a free trial but if you want to purchase a subscription, then it would cost you $7 per month for personal use and $25 per month for business uses. The coolest feature about Qoob stories is that you can easily download high-quality pictures and videos that come along with metadata from the accounts. 

3. Instalkr

This is another free website you can use for downloading Instagram stories. It will keep your identity anonymous. Another big thing is you can even have access to deleted stories, videos, and photos of that account. But the only drawback is that you will be only able to view all of this social content from a public account and not from a private account.

4. StoriesIG

With StoriesIG, you can view stories, photos, and videos and instantly download them. The good part is you can instantly share them after downloading them to other social media. Right after you get to the website, you will see a simple and easy-to-use interface that has a search box. You UI used here is very basic, thus making it more simple to use and handle stuff.

5. Cocospy

If you want to take it a step further, you can use Cocospy on your account. Not only will you be able to download photos, videos, and all the stories, but you will even be able to track the Instagram DMs. You can view the contact list of the Instagram user you want to spy on while being anonymous. The basic Android package starts from 39.99 per month while the iOS package starts from 99.99 per month.

6. IGStories 

With IGStories, you can view Instagram stories of your choice. It is a part of Upleaf which provides Instagram marketing services. IGStories comes free of cost and requires no signup or registration when you want to view stories. You can watch and at the same time download them remaining your unknown identity. 

7. SmiHub


This website comes with an amazing interface that appears to be very immaculate and cool. When you want to access a particular account, you will be immediately led to its information like stories posts, and all. You can even analyze likes, comments, and followers with this website. The website is extremely easy to navigate and it does not charge its users for using it. You can use this any time of day when you want to take a peek at someone’s account. 

8. Ingramer

This app is not free and has certain reasons. You see, good things come at a price. Ingramer works as a typical story viewer of instagram but at the same time, if you subscribe to it, you can use it to market your Instagram content. The tool can be used to schedule the posting of content on your page.

This tool also generated hashtags using AI which is a lot helpful when it comes to adding to the engagement and bringing in traffic to a site/ social media page. Ingramer would cost you $37 for two weeks per account for their commercial services. It mainly is in the field as a primary social media enhancer tool but as a secondary work, it also views stories anonymously.

9. EyeZy

When it is installed, you will be able to know every information about a particular Instagram account. You can view chats, find the location of the user, turn on Geofencing alert, and even screen record certain stuff. It is the ultimate app you need to subscribe to at $9.99 for a year.  Other than the 12 months plans, there are even plans for 3 months and a month. You will have additional access to stories, posts, videos, and even reels of the certain Instagram account you are spying on.

10. Anon IG Viewer

Anon IG Viewer

The Anon IG Viewer is yet another option to StoriesDown, and let’s be honest, it’s more similar to StoriesDown than the other two. This is due to the fact that Anon IG Viewer does not necessitate any sort of registration on your part.

Simply visit the page, enter the username of the account of interest, and the list of stories related with that account will be displayed, from which you can select the one you’d want to read. It’s not just possible to read stories on this app; you can also save them to read offline later. The program is available for no cost in all mainstream web browsers.

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11. Storistalker

When it comes to Instagram story viewing tools, StoriStalker is a viable option to StoriesDown. StoriStalker, however, is far more advanced. This is because it may be used as a profile-monitoring tool, giving you access to the user’s past activity including any posts they may have erased. The fundamental function is analogous to the StoriesDown app.

If you do this, you can see the account’s images, videos, comments, and followers. If you sign up for an account, the program will track all of these specifics, even removed articles, and store them indefinitely for you.

12. Dumpor

The Dumpor tool is a great substitute for StoriesDown. This app allows users to secretly check out other people’s Instagram stories. There’s even more functionality within the Dumpor platform. Instagram content can be downloaded with Dumpor.

You may also use it to read posts without revealing your identity by logging in. You may use the integrated search feature to look for anything on Instagram, including specific hashtags, locations, or profiles. The ability to analyze profiles is one of its many benefits.

13. Glassagram


Glassagram is an Instagram story viewer that, like Qoob Stories, requires users to sign up for an account before they can see stories. While there is a free trial, the app was designed to be a premium resource, thus its more sophisticated features are reserved for paying users. You can read stories on Glassagram without anyone knowing who you are.

In this app, you can follow users to immediately know when they share new content. The 5-minute update interval guarantees that you will never miss a new update. The app may also be used to keep tabs on how many people have liked a user’s IGTV videos and how many people have commented on their profile.


Have you been searching for a simple Instagram story reader that allows you to browse stories without being identified? There are several services available, but if you’re interested in Instagram stories, you should check out Stories IG. One of the better services for achieving this is StoriesDown, and this app is a viable option.

Instagram Stories is essentially a webpage in every other respect. Its sole purpose is to make reading and downloading Instagram stories easy and convenient without requiring users to sign up for an account. The procedure for using this tool is fairly similar to the procedures described above for using the StoriesDown tool.

15. Instastories

InstaStories is an Instagram Viewer tool that allows you to view and download Instagram Stories. Using our Instagram Tool, you may see Instagram stories anonymously, as well as view Instagram highlights. InstaStories viewer does not require you to sign in with Instagram in order to see stories. With InstaStories, you can watch and save user-generated content without revealing your identity.

Summing up

Instagram has experienced an increasing audience of the younger generations. Due to the increase of cyberbullying and harassment on other social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, a population of the young generation has shifted to Instagram for their benefit.

Other than the addictive swiping of stories, Instagram, in the recent past launched reels. Thus, it became an alternative to banned apps like Tiktok for short videos. Currently, most Instagram users make accounts there to make reels and let the world know about it. Addictive features and an impressive editing interface have made it popular among teenagers and young adults.

For such uses, you can easily use StoriesDown or the other alternatives we mentioned in the article which will help you remain anonymous while checking someone’s story and downloading it later.

Happy swiping! Do not forget to let us know in the comments which website or application worked the best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is StoriesDown legit?

Yes, the best thing about StoriesDown is that you won’t have to create a separate account, and whatever you view or download with the app will be 100% anonymous.

Can I view posts using StoriesDown?

Yes, you can even view posts using StoriesDown anytime. Just search the user’s username in the search box and you can see the posts and stories of that username.

Is StoriesDown Safe to use or not? Is it Working?

The answer is reliant on the type of safety or security you seek out. For example, if you just want the tool to hide your identity, it can do so easily.

If your following public Instagram accounts then you can also download their stories and share the content without having your name appear on the list of viewers. But you cannot make the most of this tool in terms of private Instagram accounts.

This app is completely safe in terms of security and it does not ask for your credentials to create an account and it does not violate the privacy of private accounts.

It is known fact that Instagram doesn’t really like it when people download other people’s Instagram stories and save them onto their devices.

Storiesdown is a high-quality third-party application that is going to keep your personal information safe and make sure that you avoid detection.

Though there is always going to be a little bit of risk, but as long as you are careful while using their features, then you must be fine.

We don’t encourage the use of third-party service providers, but we can say that StoriesDown ig anonymous is a Safe app to use. It does not require your Instagram password and the photos you send to any person will only be able to view them for 24 hours. Also, it doesn’t contain any spam promotions or pop-up ads. Their income is solely generated from Google Adsense ads.

Does Instagram Penalize for viewing IG stories anonymously

It is to be noted that Instagram doesn’t allow anyone to save someone’s story. Thus, doing it by using 3rd party apps violates their terms and conditions. 

There is a chance that viewing someone’s story regularly can lead to penalties, and your IP address might get banned.

Even though, Storiesdown does not mean to harm the privacy of any IG users, but still it does not go with the Instagram data privacy policy as it allows any person to store other people’s stories on their device secretly, that’s a threat to the personal information of millions of Instagram users. 

What are the alternatives to StoriesDown?

In case you are searching for some alternatives to StoriesDown, you can use InstaDP, Qoob Stories, Instalkr, Storiesig, Instastories online, Dumpor, SmiHub, Greatfon, Picuki and so much more. The internet is thriving with alternatives to StoriesDown, both paid and free.

Is StoriesDown anonymous?

Yes. StoriesDown helps you to view and download Instagram stories anonymously. This means you can watch and even download other people’s Instagram stories/posts you are interested in without them knowing it. 

How can I view stories without getting seen on Instagram?

There are plenty of apps to remain anonymous while viewing stories on Instagram. One of them is StoriesDown. You can read the section on blog to find out more about the alternative apps.

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