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The Motley Fool: Best Stock Research Website

The Motley Fool Foundation Story:

The name “Fool” in “The Motley Fool” is derived from William Shakespeare’s comedy play “As You Like It” written in the 15th century. The court jester, known as the Fool, could tell the king and queen the truth without fear of having his head lopped off, and he was never afraid to challenge conventional wisdom. That’s where the founding members got the idea for The Motley Fool, and their website is called “” Isn’t it fascinating?

The Motley Fool was founded in Alexandria in 1993 by two brothers David Gardner and Tom Gardner. It is a financial and investment consulting firm based in Alexandria, Virginia.

The Motley Fool Global Presence:

Aside from their main website, they have other related websites with a global presence that offer financial and investing advice, such as,,,, and others.

On their website, The Motley Fool offers both free and premium investment advice to millions of individual investors worldwide.

Each month, their website, books, newspaper column, radio show, television appearances, and subscription newsletter services reach millions of people.

Let’s Look At Their Services and How They Do It:

They provide Premium membership services, implying that they have designed and provided a variety of paid services. After following thorough research and analysis according to their needs, the investor may purchase these premium services.

Premium services include stock recommendations, detailed company analysis, model portfolios, live streaming video during market hours, and many other features.

However, they also provide Members-Only tools and programming for creating your ideal portfolio, tracking your performance, and monitoring companies of interest. This means that members can access tools and programs that will assist them in developing their ideal portfolio.

The Motley Fool also publishes hundreds of new articles each week on free market news and commentary.

The Motley Fool offers more than 40 services some of which are as below:-

  • Stock Advisor
  • Rule Breakers
  • Rule Your Retirement
  • The Ascent
  • Everlasting Stocks
  • Real Estate Winners

The other services provided by Affiliates of The Motley Fool, LLC:

  1. Motley Fool Asset Management
  2. Motley Fool Wealth Management
  3. Motley Fool Ventures
  4. Lakehouse Capital Pty Ltd
  5. 1623 Capital LLC

The Motley Fool Current Board of Directors Name and Designation:

  1. Tom GardnerThe Motley Fool  Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Co-Chairman  
2. David Gardner  The Motley Fool  Co-Founder, Chief Rule Breaker, Co-Chairman, and Chairman of The Motley Fool Foundation  
3. Suzanne Frey   Google Vice President, Product, Android & Play Security, and Privacy  
4. Teresa Kersten  Former VP of Consumer Marketing, LinkedIn   
5. Marthe LaRosiliere   The Motley Fool  General Counsel  
6. John Mackey  Whole Foods Market  Co-Founder and CEO  
7. Randi Zuckerberg  Zuckerberg Media  Founder and CEO  

The Motley Fool 6 (six) Investing Philosophy, which they preach to their readers:

  1. Like Buy 25+ Companies
  2. And Hold Stocks for 5+ Years
  3. Always Add New Savings Regularly
  4. To Hold Through Market Volatility
  5. And to Let Winners Run
  6. Always Target Long-Term Returns


The Motley Fool website has loads of information regarding Investing basics such as “how to invest money”, “how to invest in stocks”, “how to invest in real estate” and many more.

Now, I can say The Motley Fool’s pros are that it gives long-term investment advice and multiple premium plans. Even they deliver the top stock picks to your doorstep and if talking cons then definitely its services are costly. But as said good things come with a price.


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